Safety & Quality

Wooil Marine.Co.Ltd

  • 회사 품질방침

    우일상운은 ISO 9001:2000에 관해 ABS로부터, ISM/ISPS/MLC에 관련하여 BV로 부터 인증을 받았습니다. 이는 IMO규정과 OCIMF와 TMSA와 같은 해운업계 표준을 충족시키고 있습니다.

    ● Quality Policy
    Our policy is to consistently meet or exceed the agreed quality requirement of our customers and I.S.M and I.S.O 9001. This will be achieved by training and motivation of our employees. Also by providing our employees with a working environment intended to help them achieve their full personnel potential. We will help our employees appreciate the importance of their job in meeting the Company Quality Objectives, and to do that job well. We will do this by disseminating information and training. All Wooil Marine Co., Ltd's employees will be responsible for, and will be required to be committed to; Ensuring that the WSQS is fully and conscientiously adhered to;

    1. Continuous improvement of the WSQS through meaningful involvement of all Wooil employees in built improvement process
    2. That Wooil Marine Co., Ltd. are fully committed to empowering their colleagues, both afloat and ashore to successfully operate the Quality systems.
    3. That Wooil Marine Co., Ltd. will conduct its business affairs in a manner that fully protect their customer's' interests while at all times protecting the reputation and integrity of Wooil Marine Co., Ltd..
    4. We will not knowingly participate in illegal, unsafe or any practice detrimental to Public, our customers business interest, and our employees by themselves.

    ● Safety, Health and Environmental Policy
    Operating kind of vessel as like Oil and Chemical tankers, Liquified Gas Tankers, Bulkers, including containers and reefers involve s latent risk to employee health and safety to third parties and to the environment. Wooil Marine Co., Ltd. will make every effort to minimize there risks by:

    1. Providing safe and health working conditions for its employees and to ensure their work will not affect the health and safety of others.
    2. Identifying the risks to health and safety involved with Wooil Marine Co., Ltd. business activities and necessary precautions required.
    3. Providing all its employees with the information, equipment and training necessary tfor them to carry our work safely
    4. Protecting the environment through the proper application of the Wooil Marine Co., Ltd. regulatory and industry standards and procedures.

    ● Alcohol and Drug Policy
    All Employees should observe the Company's alcohol and drug policy and should not deal with illegal Drug transportation and Retainmentt in their custody.